Astro A50 vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X

Gaming peripherals are highly popular when the hobby is getting embraced by more people as well as because they are reliable and ideal for the gaming environment. Headset like Astro A50 Vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X are two of the most purchased equipment especially those who play in a team and need the one they can rely on both sound quality as well as convenient. For those who are also considering these models, see what they can offer and pick the one with the most promising performance below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a Gaming Headset
  • What are Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X
  • What Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X Look Like
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  • What else Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X can offer
  • Are Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X Comfortable
  • Astro A50 Vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X

Gaming Headset

We are sure that everybody agree that music brings us closer to certain experience and this is why horror movies have those scary sounds playing in the back everytime the main character is about to meets the antagonist or experience something dreadful. This is the same for any application especially those combining visual and audio including video games because their music play a huge role in helping players feel the story better, making the experience different rather than just simply watching the graphics.

As video games are more welcomed by our society and increased number of players each year, so do the peripherals targeted to improve user’s experience and one of the most popular equipment sought by both console and PC gamers is headset. Some might say we can games with just any headset and this is true but it is not the one targeted by the tool because they are aiming to improve your gaming time or in general boosted to suit the gaming environment and sound.

However, it is also not true that a regular headphone will sound bad or make your gaming experience not enjoyable anymore because it is certainly not the case. When you want to spend a sum of money on something, we wished it to be worth it and gaming headset is a very hard challenge to overcome.

  1. Talking about gaming, the most important point is their comfort because chances we will be playing for several hours a day or a week and this is why we need them to be more comfortable. Headband design, padding, ear cups, and overall weight are playing an important role to decide whether they will settle nicely on top of your head or not.
  2. The next most sought capability is surround system and while we are not sure whether they are really working as the advertisement all the time or not, what we can say is the tailored sound makes the gaming audio more enjoyable such as gunshots and other sound effects.
  3. Lastly, fashion, microphone, and platform are the next important point and each one of them except fashion or design are mostly practical which is great since we can directly relate them to the one we need for example the console type or whether you will need the mic or not while gaming. As for fashion, it is very personal and as cool as RGB headset may look like, they don’t serve and practical benefit.

About Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X

For those who want to improve their experience, getting a gaming headset can be a wise decision to take especially if you have the budget to spend. They can be very expensive at times depending on models and technology planted inside but price doesn’t always tell their sound quality which can make online shopping tricky for we can’t try the units beforehand. However, it is great to set a budget first so then we can eliminate the rest of the options quickly.

Astro A50Turtle Beach Elite 800X
Product Dimensions 7.3 x 3.5 x 7.2 inches10.6 x 5.3 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight1.49 pounds1.63 pounds
Best Offerclick hereclick here

If what you are looking for and preparing to buy is a gaming headset with premium sound, Astro and Turtle Beach are two amazing brands to check out among those many other companies out there. Both of them are equally reliable manufacturers because they always offer good quality products and price wise, they are not going to ask so much from your pocket depending on what they can offer. They also offer various models to match your needs whether it needs to be simple or fancy.

There are lots of gaming headset claimed to be able to deliver a real like experience and fun enough to improve your gaming time but not many can beat Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X because both of them are among the top when it comes to sound and everything you want in a great gaming headset. Of course they are not the best for everyone because sound rely on taste as well but they surely deliver the quality matching their price. Read also: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Vs 700.

Both of them are placed on the premium series and are quite expensive compared to many good headsets out there which are also not disappointing but by putting much effort in designing and building a headset that not only looks good but also feels great, Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X are winning at several points. Both of them are suitable with either console or PC but notice that the later has its letter X here and it is because we are picking the headset for Xbox One.

Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X Design

As a premium headset, you can instantly notice how good they are built just from inspecting the unit because these two are heavy and rigid but when you compare them, it feels like Elite 800X has slightly better material or build quality. As a full closed back headsets, they are pretty lightweight weighed 372 and 362 grams respectively. Another difference is the ear cups padding which is leather, probably synthetic in Elite 800X and removable microfiber in A50 so it is a matter of choice about which you like better.

While the 800X is an Xbox One version, the A50 in our article is the older version or Gen 3 which was released in 2017 while this year Astro Gaming already released the Gen 4 for this model. Moving back to the comparison, the design of their headbands are also different because as you can see on the sample picture above, the former has this square-ish top or headband while the latter is round and more traditional looking. Since they are wireless, all of the controls are built on their cups.

Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X Performance

Moving to the most important part which is the performance, let’s see what Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X can offer. Starting with the A50, this Gen 3 is very much similar in performance to the newest headset, in fact the 2019 version somehow sounds a bit muddier. For a standard music listening session it is pretty balance but the brightest part is when you hear while gaming because it is one of the best sounding out there for the headset is capable of delivering a very detailed effects.

The bass sounds robust and sound like gun fires are punchy or deep while you can listen to footsteps and slashing effects or overall music being played with much clarity. It is not the loudest headset however, but the sound is very pleasing. As for the Elite 800X, this model also has a very good performance but when you compared them side by side, it is a bit lacking in the bass portion because somehow the effects like shot doesn’t feel as real anymore.

Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X Features

Now let’s talk about the additional feature side and starting with the microphone, both of these premium headsets have microphones built in the unit but 800X is integrated into the earcup which means it is not going to receive the same sound quality or let’s say not as good as those with dedicated mic. A50 on the other hand has this flexible mic that you can fold up or throw upfront but unlike the A40 brother, you can’t remove it.

Another useful feature in Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X is their sound tailoring and in this side the latter shines brightly with a total of 18 sound presets which can be overwhelming for some. The star is Superhuman Hearing in Game Mode which is designed to let you hear the sound as clear as possible, thus, the sound of far away gunfire or footsteps are very noticeable. In A50 we have equalizer to help you adjust the amount of bass or treble in case the presets doesn’t satisfy you yet.

Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X Comfort

The last but not least point we want to talk about here is their comfort level since chances we are going to wear these headsets for hours. They are very comfortable but the lighter weight of A50 does help a little when it is a long session and the microfiber does feels great even after hours compared to 800X but, it also leaks more sound and doesn’t stay as firm on our head. Their headband are padded and since the padding of Astro is removable, we may replace it.

Astro A50 vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X

- Dolby Audio: Dolby Audio delivers a cinematic, high resolution gaming audio experience
- Battery life: 15+ hour rechargeable lithium ion battery
- Game: Voice Balance: Gives the user total control over the mix of the game and chat Audio
- ASTRO command center software: The free ASTRO command center software gives players complete control over their Audio experience, which includes voice communication and game Audio settings; Available on windows 10, Xbox 1 and Mac.
- Enhanced DTS Surround Sound Modes & Presets : Custom DTS HeadphoneX 7.1 Surround Sound modes combine with enhanced Turtle Beach genre specific presets to further immerse you in your favorite games, movies and music
- Dynamic Chat Boost : Communicate game winning plays to your squad clearly thanks to automatically boosted team chat audio
- Active Noise Cancellation : Completely immerse yourself in your gaming experience and eliminate unwanted distractions with active noise cancellation
- Mic Monitoring : Say it don't shout it, thanks to the ability to hear the volume of your own voice inside the headset

Astro A50 and Turtle Beach Elite 800X are a great headsets to accompany your gaming time but they are also different because in terms of sound, the former is giving a slightly better bass and makes the gaming effects which require prominent bass and punch like gun fires sounds more prominent and satisfying. 800X on the other hand has lots of presets to adjust to your liking as well as better at sound isolation with the fact that it is an ANC model as well.

Comfort side they are equally nice on our head but A50 feels breezier because it uses microfiber padding and it is also removable in case you need to replace it but, the Turtle Beach fits the head better so movement doesn’t affect the headset much.


All in all they are worth to spend the money on and it is better to pick based on your personal preference but if we have to choose one, we do like the comfort and sound quality of Astro A50.

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